Of Time Passing

Reflecting on wanting all of God, each and everyday. As there is less than 6 hours(Cali time) remaining in 2013.

Of time passing, now blackened colors appeal to me, call
Out to me, and bright lights guide me home, stadiums of you now fade away, the sea, well it calls out to me, she stays the same over years of changing, hair colors, bright highlights, couch mainstays, designer shades now not so shady, bright colors up down the freeway now pulled over for moving to fast, growing up now has cost something, cost us our hearts, cost us cold days without it, and now grown ups tell me to grow up, man up, be up but I am really just homesick, lovesick not so much because my heart is slowly dying without you, watching me change, and waiting to change now, I’m a little hesitant that you will still be between aisles with no smiles when I return, just empty space, let me not end this year with dull or dumb surrounding my mind, let me wake up inside tonight and live it right, do it right, fight the good fight and dream of loving you better at night

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