Friday Night Lights: Season 3, Episodes 1-5 Review

What are a way to kick off the New Year. I hope you all have been enjoying the recent “older” reflections I have been posting. I still intend to continue to eternal football week post/spirit. But as the new year is here, there are lots of plans( in my head) to start talking of books, films and other relevant topics. For now, there is this..

Episodes 1-3

Season 3 of Friday Night Lights starts off in conflict. Keep in mind that the show broadcasts its main issue: the Dillon Panthers. Everything revolves around how good the team will or will not be. Coach Taylor is back in the saddle as Coach. J.D. McCoy joins the team with his extra controlling dad behind his every move. Tami gets flack for the money that the school board has to spend. The team and the boosters, led by Buddy Garrity himself, want a megatron screen for the Panther games. Billy( Tim’s brother) proposes to Mindy(Tyra’s sister) and she says yes. Lila and Tim decide to give their relationship a try. Tyra decides to run for Student Council president.

Episode #4 Hello, Goodbye

Call it the episode of ‘shaking things up!’ Matt’s mom shows up in his life. He yells at his mom slightly with years of pain built up. He tells her, “I don’t need your help, I needed it 10 years ago when you left!” She says, “I will never forgive myself for leaving you!” Tyra finds herself rejecting Landry and dating a bull rider(one of Billy’s friends). Tami and Eric but heads and tell each other, ”
I miss the coach’s wife, she says I miss the principal’s husband!” Coach Taylor continues to feel pressure from all over as to who to start at quarterback. Smash gets help from coach regarding his coming tryout. Coach says, “God has placed you to do what you do best, go all the way!” Matt’s mom wants to help with the grandma situation. She says, ‘you are all alone in this!’

Coach Taylor moment: “take a look at brian williams, he would have said theres a guy with a hell of a lot of conviction.”
Brian “Smash” Williams makes the team at OU. Thanks the coach for everything.

Friday Night Lights

Episode #5 Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Julie Taylor, the sweet and innocent 15 or 16 year old(by now). She decides to get a tattoo despite what her parent’s might think. Jason and Tim decide to buy Buddy’s old house and fix it up and try to flip it for more money. This is the beginning of that endeavor. Tyra and Cash, the cowboy, continue to bond and like each other.
Matt feels pressure to quit the team because Coach is starting J.D. McCoy at quarterback and not him. I think in this episode Julie’s parents make her remove the tattoo.

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