African Princess (older poem)

Written in my English class in 2012 after staying up all night..

8am-8:50am: English class.

African Princess

This is literally about a girl in my class that I do not know and all my racial assumptions about her. She speaks and I reflect.

She’s African, princess maybe,

A Cape Town baby, white softly, but African at heart,

Hip hop stereotype and all the white hype, gypsy necklace and big brown thighs,

All I know about her is coming from a distance, and all I want to do is end the resistance,

No sleep for my eyes is changing my judgment, for softly in bereavement I get over death

So suddenly and she speaks out loud in class and that voice feels brass and smooth and soft

With sooth, stop dreaming but Valentine is nearing soon, can Romeo fall in love without words

And just a look, stay African, Stay Cape Town the next time you come around

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