God I See You, Part 2

More on God seeing us. Inspired by the song from Mumford and Sons when they say, “Come down from your mountain and stand where we have been, you know our breath is weak and our body is thin!”

Choose one, choose me, say it over
That it isn’t over, that the end with you
Is where I begin, waited, sifted, patiently
Adjusted, eyes have seen what can never
Be seen again, changed, on the mountain
You have stood where I’ve been, you have
Seen me frail, seen me travail, seen me avail
The force of hell that sinks deep inside of me,
Choose to stay, choose to stand, choose to be
A man, chose to understand, o, affliction where
Have you not stricken me? where have you not
Hit my life, hit with a strike, made me think
Twice of this life of offering, now I see that
God you see me and I choose to stay and
Be, I choose to live, I choose to give—more
Of myself, more of me, all of me, you died
For it, so let me live with it—that thing
Called flame and fire and desire and fear—
For only you can guide me, for only you
Can take this cup and all its suffering,
Must death be the only way, for I cannot
Wait very well anyway—must it be that
I suffer and die daily when all is hazy,
When the mind gets crazy, when the
Culture is a vulture of death flying over
Me—my flesh be the corruption with
Eyes that pierce the light, let me get
It right, let me love you in the night,
So come down from your mountain
God and stand where I have never
Been-stand and see me, stand and love
Me, stand and receive me, stand and
Let me fall in front of you, so—you,
Only you can pick me up—for
I know now that I am just dust,
And I will rust and die one day,
Let it not be said that I wasted
The small amount of air you
Gave me—all to breathe, all
To see you God, all to see that
You will never be like us,
You will just be with us,
And love us, like us, enjoy
Us—let me believe that

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