Send Me

Welcome back everyone. Been a week of change that I will later update you all on with what is happening in my life. For now, I am back to writing and celebrating 7 years on wordpress!

This poem is about wanting to be a messenger for God. I have spent the past decade wrestling with that calling.

A Decade under the influence
A ten year path to the wrath that
Used to sit beneath me, make me,
Mold me, bold me inside and out to
Speak with a shout and let the truth
Out, Messenger me, instant message
Me, call me, choose me, say to me I am
Here for a reason in the midst of my
Treason against you and your kingdom,
Committed, dedicated, devoted, ready to
Die, ready to fly, ready to speak, ready to
Hear, the yoke I did bear back then but
I am not falling back now, I’m with you
Somehow, memories are piled up,
A lifetime of not giving up, make me
What you will make of me, I am just
Saying I am ready to stay ready in
And out of life’s cruel seasons, up
And down, I bow low and bend to
Praise you and bend to not praise Me,
Please, God, send me, I will speak,
Show me you, that is what I seek

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