Combination of a few things and talks with people.

There’s a lull in me
Theres a dull me,
There’s a gap, there’s
A place where you have
Not rested, where I am
always tested and invested
Upon the weight of change,
But does the weight of glory
Touch my story, touch down
For me to see, does the weight
Of the past hold me at last
Until I prime my future with
Useless dreams, she said
Hope was lost, she dug deep
Down when I came around,
She spoke boldly of lonely
And said it would never change,
My warmth, my comfort, my
Protection was offered, but
Smoke left my lips, for what
I said had no power, no weight
No change, she needed a rearrange
She needed a great exchange of
Past Pain and future dreams,
Blackened dreams under a
Blackened sky, blackened
Streaks line her now, she
Rests and waits for comfort
And love–that I cannot give,
Even if my closeness was
Any change for her at all,
I conclude this: I have the
Same emptiness, the same
Loneliness, I have the same
Lack, I have this daily attack
Of realization: i have no power
To Save anyone, to change
Any man or women, All I
Have is my love and if that
Means anything here, then
Please adhere and hear
what My empty words are
Trying to say, you will be

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