A Safe Man, A Grown Man

Thinking about wanting to mature. Paul said to pursue Love in context to also putting away childish things and childish ways.

Sticking to the book
Afraid of the hook and
Sink line of sin having me
In, Safety man wants, yells
It, shouts it, asks for it but
You can’t trust it for first it
Comes then destruction,
Then eruption then the
Apex of man’s corruption,
Love has risk and risks it
Daily, I want to grow, I
Want to know how to
Be a man and not a child—
How to live wild in love and
Tame the safety that tries to
Pursue me—God can you,
Can you please give this to
Me? I ask, I seek, I knock-
Pursue love and earnestly
Desire to grow up, of all
The places you have chosen
This place—this testing time,
This painful rhyme, this suffering
Time—this hard moment I own
It and scribble it for you—I want
To know you—and know that
Growing up is a choice with
Pain that I gladly accept

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