Double Choices

Now where have you been
Its that mystery again,
Its those double doors again
Wide and open, some drool in
The vestibule, halfway I have
Been living, sitting and living
Dead, halfway you say will make
You half happy—now I need the
Rest of my life to be paved in
Front of me, death and tragedy
They surround me, all I need is
Just a touch, just a moment with
You, where have you been? Brother,
Friend, lover, God man, human frame,
Holding you in, for me you framed
Yourself, you embraced yourself,
Forever a man you will be, seen it
All I have, nothing more to see just
Time to create in me and life that
Embraces the double doors and
Goes through the paths you have
Made for me, be with me, stay
With me in this freeway life,
Double choices I choose—to
Love and to follow and to not
Live hollow in between death
And life—I choose the path
Of pain, I choose you and
The love you have given

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