The comma and full stop language is from a Coldplay song, everything else is reflecting on this time I am spending in the prayer room tonight.

I am easily swayed
I am easily entertained
I am easily into things
Being easy, I am in pain,
Just sitting here before you,
I am thinking of all that has
Never satisfied and how I lied
Daily before I came to you,
Empty was I, tragedy was me,
Sad, low, depressed, beyond
Repair, I hear it tear deep down
In me I am easily not into you—
I sit and sit and wait and wait,
And hear and act as if you are
Not seeing me—but I torched it
Today, the things of yesterday,
The things that get in the way,
Disaster has been a master that
Has been ruling me—control, you
Demand—you understand I say
Back to myself—
Is love on the shelf, or is love in
Front of me right now, new year,
New time, new you, new view,
New easily needs to disappear
From me—I don’t want easy,
Cause it was hard just to say
This, to write this, to live it..
Really, really live it, I do that,
I redact that, I am a comma,
And you are the full stop God!
I exist to be with you—I am
In need and I don’t need it
To be easy, I torched those
Distractions, I faced those
Dissatisfactions, I burned the
Coming attractions—I easily
Could have kept it close to
Me—that which is not of
You—but I lay it down
Now, easily, I lay it down
So that one day sitting
Before you might be
Easy—for now it’s the
Hardest thing I have ever
Had to do

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