More Of You

I want hunger. And He will satisfy.

I need something fresh
My heart is mesh,
This life is a mess,
By a fray I do pray and
Hold on tight, up at night
I am most times waiting for
Time to go on by, waiting to
Say good-bye to the world
And yes to your sword, to
Your war, to the things you
Are fighting through me—
Now be the time for that
To go past the past and
See you at last, hunger
They prayed and laid their
Hands upon me, I am new here,
I am ready here, I am sitting here,
Waiting to stand, waiting to burn,
Waiting to earn no more silly
Recognition, ready for ignition,
Ready for ammunition, this is
My great condition—dependent
Upon contrition and the humble
Ways that sit beneath me—I am
Ready Lord to lay down what
You have asked me to lay down—
I am ready to do all of that
To get more of you

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