When Chaos Comes

Stealing the dotted line language from Switchfoot’s latest cd, Fading West. Pain and trials are all apart of the Christian life and to anyone who says yes fully.

Dotted lines man walks in,
Processed he skips a beat
On the street he does have
A heart beat and a way of
Subtle acceptance, the machine
Keeps us locked in and in the
Process of doing more, doing
Better, embracing the weather,
Man’s umbrella should be opened
For rains pour for just and unjust
And the storm is a norm for those
Who say yes, yes to pain, yes to rain,
Yes to the places no one knows of,
Locked away they are inside of
Me—the lonely things, the nobody
Knows me things—for I am on the
Dotted line, I am keeping all the rules,
I am living by the book—and yes, He
Likes a straight man but He wants a
Man of risk, a man of chance, a man
That loves with all his heart, that
Takes a chance in the storms of
This life—accept it I need to be,
Man needs to be in a place where
Pain can flow through him daily,
I embrace man’s ache and longing
For you—I seek it cause I need it,
Rain on me, make me stormy, make
Me ready to not live without chaos
For the chaos is where I find you,
Disaster is a master that leads me
To you—let it be God—I don’t want
Easy, I want the only way you seem
To work where you aren’t a jerk but
Good in the ups and downs—keep me,
Steady and in love when chaos comes.

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