Man Is

Accusations man has against God.

Man is dumb, Man is numb,
Man is a how come, a why,
A maybe, a lazy combination
Of drunk and high and written
ON the sky- in need of an exit,
In need of an escape, in need
of Something that stops the
Ache, man is a tower that
Falls on itself, it does not judge
It does not point, the disaster does
Appoint any man that lacks the
judgment–mercy, you should cry,
Mercy you should speak, on
The scene comes Christ all
In all taking the hits for our
Fall, man is existent upon His
Radiance, man is beating upon
His power, man is waiting for
Change, there is a great exchange
But first and foremost man must
Start to boast—that God is good
And wants to show love, mercy,
And compassion—this now does
Need to happen—change man
With your love

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