Pick Me

Pick me
Reveal me
You I see
Death, sorrow,
Turmoil, lack of
Oil, lamp fading,
Light dying, black
All around, the shadow,
The sound—hollow does
Swallow the dead man in me—
Empty, you say, empty it
Out today! Bored I am,
Dull I am, tired in sin coming
From within, me is a lost cause,
My is a because, because sin
Rules me, darkness stays close
To me—prick and pick the hardest
Parts, these parts that sink when
Trials take place, I need you now
To be my rock, my refuge, let it
Now flow out of me, the pages of
Tragedy—redeem them again,
A new story within, let me see
Light in a darkened dull lull
That I live in, cause me to live
And give my all to you—I

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