Out Of Order

1 cor. 15:23-28

Live once, die twice,
And thrice days in the grave, made
You able to save, death, pain, sorrow,
And sad all line the faces of sad, the end
Ending, a new beginning, out of order,
Metal disorder, rental I have been in
This world of sin, first comes pain, death,
Sorrow, suffering then a sound, then a blast,
Then Christ at last, up and away—never—He
Came to stay and take tears away, the firstfruit,
The man for the job—bodies on earth no longer
Needed—resurrection now needed—now we will
Be, staying here steadily—then comes the end, I
Do recommend we read this promise, we hold like
A harness—all in all and all in us, death a bust—
Corruption an eruption on the inside whose death
Does abide, the wrath will not hide, the men will
Cry, the women will scream—is everyone on the
Same team? Division in the sand, division will stand—
How did the world treat you—what you said, what
You gave, how you save?
The end is coming,
The ears are humming
And to be erased no one
Can escape that day and what
Is to come.

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