Crimes Of The Eyes

O, for purity! Give us the grace to do this!

Crimes of the eyes
A covenant, a promise, a line
Not to cross, a burning of
The dross, a price, a cost,
A stance, a stand, a bold
Resolve, impure to dissolve—
The promise stands and stands
In front of me—what kind of man
Will you be? Is it what you look
At or what you see? Cause broken
Does take it out of me, perverse is
In reverse and started to early for
Me, child, children, what to do
With them, how can we shield them?
Blood cries out, aborted cries from
The ground, mistakes in the bedroom,
Mistakes in the headroom, mistakes
Aren’t like dust on a broom—the thought
Fleas, the thought then settles somewhere
Else, until you fight it, it will become a
Stain that you can’t erase—covenant,
Covenant with my eyes, arrest me now
On this side of broken, arrest me now
Before it is to late, I’ve seen, I’ve sinned,
I am in need again—let us be a pure

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