War Within

Enemy fights with hate
And lies on the plate,
We feast on dark, we
Drink of wickedness,
His schemes are not what
I think for he cannot create,
Where is my canopy?
Where is my panoply?
The armor to fight the
Things to do right,
Out of sight, out of mind,
It is called today, for I have
Let fear stand in the way,
Daily I look to me to save me,
To sustain me, the unbeliever
In me I fellowship with that,
Broken relationship, I am devoid
Of commitment, there is little
Protection, there is pain in His
Intersection, divine transportation,
I need, resurrect me, sword fight me
Til I die and my soul will still need
Some healing cause its not just
Sword wielding—so thirst take
Over, hunger wield it again,
Humble me God for I just want
Your deliverance but not your
Goodness, I don’t want to face
The gross parts of me that divide
Me from you—help me heal!

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