20 Something

20 something I was
Running hard into you
And your plans for me,
The she’s I liked and nights
Of fights with restless ambition
And journals of intuition, I locked
It away all those secret ways and
Revelation that hit me when I struck
Myself with doubt and lack and unbelief
Stretched out He does shout and heal
My hands—withered by the American
Dream, withered by a lack of clean—
Dirt has been building, guilt has been
Motivating, 20 something I was,
You were my because, now I still
Feel it, that part of me that wants to
Feel it and stay real, locked away is
Youth’s display, consequences of
Not saying yes, spin the risks like
A disk, that chance I took when I
Was young and forever in that state
Is life’s invitation—these jeans don’t
Fit like when I was a teen, am I unfit
If I look back—my losses would be
Great cause its piled up high all
The comforts, all the happiness
I try to find, 20 something I still
Am, restless and alive again—keep
Me steady and young at heart,
Ready to lay it down still
As I grow older with you

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