The Couch

Many things to update on this blog. But I am really, just really hungry for the Lord in this season of life. I am making room for silence in my life and that is messing me up. I am hearing things I have not heard in a while. Here is my reflection and reflections to come on wanting all from Christ.

So unsure
So unstable
Still able was
I to sit and try to
Cry, truth came out
Pain came forth, drew
Me out, trying to sit
Culture does say might
Revisit dry places of cracks
And crevices and areas of
Weakness, I sat on your couch
I did soak then in that pain again,
I waited, I heard, I feel man’s
Problem is trying to respond,
Trying to unwind endless visitations
Of Jesus times, couch only I required,
For to sleep on it would separate me
From you, for I am not one God with
What you desire,

I used to see them sit
And wait for work to end, for dvr to
Apprehend and time to bend toward
Completion, never having it, Lord, I say
It everyday, my past gets in my way,
I have to sway and say I never had a
Couch, I never had a place to sit and
Revisit the dry places, the cracks and
The crevices of me—sitting is not me—
Running is me—away from all that hurts
And the dirt that I carry in my eyes, puffed
Up I am on all my libraries of knowledge,

But I don’t like the couch cause its there
I face it—the way I am, the way I’ve been,
Where you begin—find me on the run,
Find me on your couch waiting to
Discover my own despair, my need
For repair, my need for someone to
Sit with—lonely does it get trying
To make time for more of my dreams
That fill my nights with endless wants
And no solutions—sit me still Lord,
On the couch where we can speak
To each other, where we can be

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