I exchange the dead in me
For a life that is worthy
Take the wipe to all the hype,
Lights bright, let them fade
Away, let love be the way,
Record attendance does come,
Man’s ways through man’s praise,
Aligns this shallow consciousness,
Of pleasing the audience,
I forecast a storm, a new norm,
A new struggle, a new season
Outside the bubble, popped and
Cracked, broken I am to old to hear
The bold cry of hype and glitter and
The catering of the money seed to
Make of a man grow bolder in His
Hypocrisy, but I am to young to know
Of painful and wounds and things like
Rejection, I know not of these things,
I know of pleasant and sweet and easy,
Take that from me—that narrow may
Be an arrow to pierce me

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