Totally inspired by John Mark McMllan’s song Future Past. Listen to it. Since before we were born he has called us.

You are my first,
Before born you switched
The description, it was
Written in the middle of
The night it was set right,
I was born afraid, unsure,
Uneasy, others missed it,
But you knew it,

Now I am older, much
Older, child is behind me,
Wild still creeps up on me,
For the rush of knowing you
Has me holding on real tight,
‘For what does pleasure ever
Accomplish’ a wise man once
Said, dedication was on vacation
When I was young, when I was
Ideal, when it was real—all
The acceptance I needed, all
The phone calls of trying to
Figure it out, but you waited,
Always did wait for those nights
To end, for my destiny to begin,

Silence is rare,
I still care,
I still hear your
Voice so small and
So sweet—exchange me
Today with all that’s broken
Anyway, in my head you are
God, in my mind you are King,
But in my heart you are good,
You are kind, you are not
Wasted time—all my space
Is for you, the bad me, the
Mad me, the me with a million
Cavities and weakened limits,
Its me that you died for—
Be my last, be the past,
Be the future that I can
Live in—for without you,
I am on the couch, alone,
Unsatisfied, watching what
Won’t do it—God over me,
God before me,
God you really are
Calling me

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