Help Me Walk

Faith erases you
You’re far from new
Old, bold, retired, rewired,
You need, can you succeed?
World is hard, world is pain,
All that a good God can proclaim,
Tragedy is a mystery, but mystery
Is a necessity, I wonder how much
I wonder and how far I wander,
Broken legs with a cast to outlast
The time it takes to mend, and
Time to comprehend—I do now
Believe in the theology of ease,
And LA’s balmy breeze,

I lack clarity, I ask for prosperity,
Bless me when I sneeze, put me
At ease—only rivers of flames
Can divide me—endless, endless
Revisions of my bad decisions,
All that I hurt with, that I fight with,
That I wrestle not against the flesh,
But the mess that involves simple
Belief: God sees, God tries, God
Does not lie—confusion does
Not meet me like it used to—
I know faith is what you require
But I desire oneness with
Wholeness, with Holiness,
I believe in pain Lord, I believe
In your reign over the narrow
Road we must walk on, so today
Help me walk

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