Your dispensations spin
Inside of me, grace, mercy,
O, I am not worthy! The voices
That tear down turn around,
Age of covenant, age of promise,
Age of pain shaping my brain,
I took it then, those hits within,
Stair tops I stood listening to
Broken waves of stereo sound bytes
And the fights with destiny, you
Die in me, deep down was my
Dispensation, pain my disposition,
In despair, need repair, need a home
To make in this place,
Age of struggle,
Age of wrestle,
Age of fighting me—
Come down, O, dispersed
One and shift the ages
In me—death to life
Need it tonight, whatever
Dispensation we are in
Let us choose you again,
Our disposition is humble
Our life is a fumble,
Pick us up Lord,
Pick us up and let
The age of you come

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