Black And Light

To those who struggle with the mind. Grace and mercy to you!

All I see is black
All I have is lack,
All I hear is the shadow
And the echo that follows
Me, attempts at you,
Attempts to get to you,
Seek me, find me, you
Would say, but I saw you
That day—white hallways
Called out to me, broken
Break room in front of me,
Hot tea, sugar, spice and sweet—
I delete the days of happiness
For you saw it and I lived it—
Dark sinks deep, light is a war
I was done fighting then—you
Had me in—life is to hard to
Call easy—trees breezy,
Make me a man that is
A man for you—depressed
Men call for truth, call for
Light, for the church to shine
Bright—weak limbs surround
Me but they are apart of this
Body—I choose them, I seek
Them—love is the war on
Weakness—shine in me
Lord—let light reign in
High octane of black
And bruised and abused
Voices that live in this
Broken mind

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