Creation Groans

Creation groans
Creation moans
Creation’s headphones
Turn loud in me,
Rocks cry out,
Nuclear fall out,
What will we do then?
Nature is not a mother,
Not nurture, not comforter
Creation roars and rips and
Digs deep in darkness
Creation is turning on itself,
Safety on the shelf,
Caves men hide for the wrath
Is up and high and shines below,
She is a metaphor for sweet and sincere
And not to be messed with
But one called true, called father
He is near, He is here!
Creation is the equation for a
Prepared dedication, new earth
New birth, new heavens, creation
Turning out and to and
Towards you, redeem
I esteem you, do that to me,
But before you crush me,
With good and power and
Mercy crush the disease
Beneath me before the fire
Consumes me and this
Earth’s rebirth takes place—

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