I am brittle
I am little
A new name
For this frame,
A new dark tale
To claim, but dust
I am, dirty again,
Full of sin, lost within
What am I made of?

I sit real
I sit steel
Do I steal
Do I reel
Like a tape
With an ache
With a fake life,
Fake smile
Fake meanwhile,
Standing is sitting for it
Is requiting inside of me,
Don’t dismiss me
Or silence is grabbing
Me, only what is real
Speaks loud in the dark,
Speaks true in the little
Bit of light, fragile
Recognition, fragile
Intuition, save my
Condition, reel it back
Lord, my years of lack
And powerless prayers—
Bring me back in time
To the fragile days when
Your words stayed with
Me, never did they fall
To the ground—come with
That power, treat me fragile,
Treat me with mercy

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