On the social stream you seemed
Unseen, you said a man would suit
You, fit you but boys of this world
Have the toys of this world, have
Choice at their fingerprints, have
To grow up and check it—love is
What I need to make you see me,
Fear I don’t adhere and hear it
When you type it and type it
True, I miss you, I knew you then
Way back when flares hit the skies
Under purple plans and everything
That apprehends, a break from you,
A break from thoughts of you, now
Your shadow follows me and you

Increase, you decease, you repeat
These same thoughts in my head—
Tough I thought I had to be, that
Was my strategy—now you are
Gravity and gravity fails me—
Up with you I would want to
Stay—now I wait for my fear
To grow away and sway to love’s
Day by day—growth in that way
Is what I can do for you—be the
Someone you need, be the one
To succeed at thinking of you—
Unknown you remain but I
Can’t complain—off of me
Is where I want to be!

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