Minerals And Materials

Borrowing the line ‘refused to be erased’ from Karla Adolphe.

Your minerals
Your materials
‘Your internals’
He wants, outside
Life speaks right to
Me, Starbucks in hand,
I do understand how
Safety calls to me,
Life of luxury, life
Of minerals, life of
Materials, the road
Calls to me, cracked
And dirty beneath me,
Creation groans and asks
For me, depravity is a gift
To sift me into goodness,

Dust is waiting for my return,
But I ask for impact, for greatness,
For I refuse to be erased and
Put back down,
The epitaph will read
He did succeed at being
Alive while his heart did beat,

The dirge, the dance, the sounds
Played for me, and I said yes
To your sound, your materials
In the ground, materials they
Possess me, they dress me up
Right, but provision is your
Incision and I can’t decide what
To let go of

Earth, stay broken, for I will
Wait for you! Minerals spin
Redemption, earth’s rebirth
Happen here, for my home is
These materials that surround me!

Lord, come with and save these
Materials down here, these clothes
That I wear, these minerals that
I drink, these thoughts I think—
A material man might not understand—
Nothing is possession of everything,
King come to me and rebuild
The minerals and materials
In me

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