Prophet’s Cry

Poverty in getting to me
For it’s a force I can’t see
Empty he calls, empty he

Waiting for the road to clear
Waiting for hearts to cheer,
Faith isn’t enough for life is
Rough and requires a theology
Of suffering, cross beam hangs over
Me, do I die daily, do I wait in this
Coffee line, for the world to wake
Me, for Hollywood to take me,

Nineveh cries out from distant
Shores, souls in the valley, myself
In the pit of despair, for whales
Swallow my plan, my pride, my
Nirvana, toss me aside my friends
Would say—for my disobedient
Dissidence is their resistance,
Sign of Jonah speaks right to
The highway, right to the getaway,
Man can’t face God alone, face shone,
Down the mountain great men have
Been—now I am what I am and what
I am cannot see what you are, for I
Have this scar, this road, this pride
Building up—die me I say, its better
God that I disappear, mercy you extend,
Grace you bend—shores of the fallen
Cry for me, call for me, be for me what
I am not for myself—be salvation!

Nineveh is no nirvana but Nineveh
Is the world out there, pointing is
Easy, speaking I can’t do with you
On my side, speak through me,
Die with me Lord, keep me alive
In this dark world—let me not
Underestimate your plans for
The world around me, the plans
For the guilty in me

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