World On Wheels

World on wheels
They spin and drive in
Circles, around they go
World is a bust, always
In a rush, circling around me
Vultures fly over me, for death
Is near me, the water comes and
Pours and soars above me is gravity—
Noah built it, grace he found, love
He found—for man was meant for
More than floods of disaster, floods
Of alabaster I bring, Lord, for mercy
Rings true with me, the world is

Wide open and living on wheels,
Roads break my fall, for speed is
Need in me, rush is the hush
Below me, I am no driver of
Reign, no driver of disdain, I
Only know pain, I only know
Of hurts and wounds and the
Bruises that the roads give me,
Wheels, can you see me? For
Wheels within wheels spins
Above me, I must go, I must
Speak, I must eat—the scroll,
Take the roll—who will love
You when Babylon leaves us
Alone, and leaves us with creation’s
Groan—the devil is a bevel around
Me with a shadow attached to me—
My enemy is God, God up above over
Me—my enemy is these wheels that
Spin faster than me, for I am in a rush
To not face it, face me, face my pain,
Face the music that plays behind me—
I will face the wheels one day and
You will roll me to the right or to
The left—please let me roll into
You, into your mercy!

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