Running On Empty

Running on the roads that you have made
Running from pain and life’s display
Of bruises, I offer my silver for your
Silver, refining, silver linings,
Generation road come alive,
Wheels been spinning,
Payment on the pavement
For flat and rough it gets,
Creation is sick and wants
More sickness, I digress I am
In hunger pains through the
Storms of life

I am running with ease trying to appease me
The broken man in me
The sick you came to fix
You came to heal
To mend and make well
The world is your wheel,
I am but just a passenger,
Fasten my seat belt God
Keep me not in the car seat
Anymore, let me grow up
And throw up the keys—
For you are within me,
And that does truly put
Me at ease,
1,000 years of fears quenching
and resurrections blessing,
Take me there Lord, take
Me there, let my empty be
Full of reward one day

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