Holy Man

Take with me to a whole
New depravity,
A brand new version
Of me with images
Of Seraphim and
Cherubim, with many
Eyes they defeat the
Sunrise, they awaken
Each moment with Holy
Holy, Holy is me, and wholly,
Wholly I need to become—
With you now Lord, more
Crashing please, more
Thrashing, for I want
The promise but not
The way it takes to
Get there

The world’s circumcision
Has made its incision,
Outer man is the man
That Hollywood creates
In me, violence man is
Consumed with, for he has
Not a clue who He is, love
Is violent, love is defiance,
Love is silence if you never
Grow up, childish I have
Been for to long, I have
Been walking with a limp,
For men have left a mark
On all of us, for most have
Not been what they should
Be, grace says the dispensations
But so groans creation,
Truth will come, has come,
Is a sword to make numb,
Divided we stand, for Christ
You are the man, the man I
Want to be like, the man I
Have to be for depravity
To come out of me, change
Me Lord into a holy man

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