Every sin is a separation,
Sinning over and over again creates a gap—
Separate I no longer am,
Grace has brought me in,
Red is the new white that
Makes me right,
Separate in my head,
Black and light pulling me
Tonight, a depressed man
Is a deceased man,
Happiness is man’s disease,
For dreams are most lonely
When you dream them!
Gold rush, money lush,
Land of intentions—can
I follow you, follow through
In and to I get but through
I don’t wan to live, separated
From them, waiting room,
Waiting for change, waited
For another rearrange, a little
Walking in circles it became,
Separate you call me, separate
From dark, separate from the
Spark, close is me
After months of depravity,
Ages of gravity
Separate no longer
With you I am much

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