Thank You

Thank You!
Thank you for hard,
Thank you for the guard
Called heart, called peace,
Called decease, called increase,
Thank you for the dark things,
Unheard of things, unknown clouds
Above me, you do conform me,
You do mold me, you are integrity
And I am just lucky or just happy
Or is just not the right word—for
Love is you and you is kind,
You is on time, you are praise
Concealed, you are love revealed,

Thank you for confusion,
For lots of questions,
For clarity in the pursuit,
For questions for you are
The answer, for heavy things
With painful outcomes,
For mercy in my bad decisions,
O, endless revisions til I meet Him,
Til crimson fades to clean, til
Unseen is seen, for death and
Fear have held its rear and followed
Me to long, for the ark is carved out
Around me, the flood is near, thanks
For mercy, for you remembered Noah,
You will remember me, thank you
For these notes I make, for fame
To take a back place,
Thank you for fire keeps me
Awake and flames are no mistake—I
Choose thanks, I choose hard, I choose
Faith, I choose to believe that I don’t
Need faith, I need to want to believe
That your faith, O God, will make me well,

Thank you God for the earth’s medicine,
For creation is cracked crevice to live in,
Thanks for the groan I live with,
For oneness is wholeness and my one
With you is soon to be here,
Thank you for one second of sight
Of you, for just your back
Is enough goodness to keep me
Here saying Thanks, alive, heart
Beats but I am alive God because of
You! I study, I search, I come to
Church, I wait, I seek, I live,
I try to die, I do ask why!
But God I thirst,
I hunger, poor is more
Inside my riches, for stains
And pain are in this game!
Mercy is for me
Sin you created so we would
Know your grace, your love,
Your mercy towards us

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