The Noise

The noise around me,
Loud abounding to me,
Life in the balance,
Walking images of you,
Pretty in pink under
The sky blue, they speak
And ask, listen and seek,
Their smell is the earth
Broken beneath,
Dirt and dust it’s rising
Now, the sunrise speaks
Of your praise, the setting
Of your perfect control,

The noise it fades when
I tune and turn in—you
Are within, a world of sin,
A world of broken,
Creation’s groan is seen
In them, love stays silent
And defiant they stay,
College days stay in the
Maze, man seeks ocean
And ocean reflects Him,
Waves of love, waves
Of mercy, waves of
Identity, speaking to
Me—I ask for man,
I ask for women—
Let her dress like
The flowers around,
Let her see she’s worth
More than it seems,
Man, o man, would you
Please be, men of love
And men of mercy,
I reconcile that all
Won’t reconcile, but the one’s
That do, please God, press renew,
Press new, press creation’s groan,
Answer it Lord, take man home!

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