City Slime

Street lights
Up all night
City is dim
Change is slim
City of sin, city of
Slime, life of crime,
Around me, on the curb
I wait
Rain in the making
Life in the taking
Pennies for the bus
Pennies for the poor
Rain does pour
I ask for more,
Rhyme or not
This land is not
Hot and burning for
You, invisible animals
They fill this ark you have
Created, storms anticipated,
Man can’t drive in the reign,
Can ‘t streer clear in the storm
That’s near,
Morning to end
Time to bend
Flood to apprehend
Hot and burning goes
The elements, goes the
Elementary things of you,
Can I see the signs in the
Stars, the moon and the sun?
You are coming God, 6am,
6pm, 6 seals to crack,
Creation is a loud sound
From the ground, rain to
Cleanse, floods to come again,
Mercy we cry,
Mercy on us,
Evil we think,
All the time
Come now with light
And bright and redemption
For the part of me that
Wants a flood,
Wants an end
Wants an out to
The Nineveh nirvana
That fills me,
Cruelty it rules now
Let light cover the corners
Of my earth—

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