I Remember

Talking myself out of
Meeting with you
Left in a hurry
Left in a blurry
Spring night, corner of
The driveway, I drifted that
Day, the world’s circumcision
Made its incision, am I a man,
Am I a man for you?
Rains have come, now we are
Numb what have I become?
Talking myself out of the truth,
Out of proof, scars in those hands,
Solid fixtures and shiny furniture,
Rearrange God, come to this busy
Kitchen and broken invitations,
I remember the rain, the pain,
The way you left on that spring day,
Brilliant dance
Fake romance
Talking myself out of healing
Out of reeling back
Seeing your mercy
Seeing me thirsty
Busy I get, to bust to sit,
Wait with me Lord, wait for
Bored to end, for talking to
Begin—speak to me,
Speak with me—

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