Laid It Down

But I haven’t laid it down
My golden rights,
My American castle, my own
Signature I’ve signed is wasted
Time, a contract I have made to
Live for myself and all my displays
Of ways and reasons for my comforts
To remain,
I must explain
Death dies around me,
Its fragrance is in the malls
I shop in, the crowed real loud
That lives and breathes the nine
To five, the highway getaway man
Clicks in the sun and tries to run
I have not lost anything, I know
Not of pain, regret off the list,
Should have lived better sew
It a sweater and burn it next
Winter, layer after layer you
Wrap around me, and skin held
You in, had you in, you became like
Us and became so we could become
In you—

Bodies have fallen off around me
I ask now for tragedy, for a sad
Harmony, for devastation in every
Situation, o, endless insatiable one,
Come and fill me up
My seeds of me story without depravity
There is no victory I am predestined
To make a decision and so I choose you,

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