1,000 years
1,000 tears
10,000 fears
Slain and named
Enemy of the world
Cries out to me
A lifetime added up
Not giving up
I am ready for you
To make new
Nineveh’s nirvana
Has reached the heavens
Has reached me
Will you pour it out
God—wrath and love
Mercy, we are thirsty for
Man is lost within
Stones of foundations
Stones of adoration,
Stones upon stones
Against you, Lord
Martyr it in me,
This thing called
Called easy,
Called half way living,
1,000 days with you
1,000 ways made new,
1,000 reasons why I
could have left you then,
in the rain again, in my
Pain again, 1,000 yes’
To you Lord, 1,000 nos’
To control that which
Weighs on me, come for
A thousand moons,
A thousands waves
To crash upon,
Just 1,000 years
And then the end of
Tears, of death, of
All these fears, 1,000
Minutes I give you
Only to give it 1,000
More times, come with
1,000 years and let the
Beginning begin

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