I Rise

Thinking of my old days in Colorado.

I rise, rise early to find you
Left me to relax, off the Colfax
And the heart of Denver, the city
Of singles, the city that never sleeps,
The city of thin air, and up in there
I went to try to belong—difted away,
A decade later—its past me, this world
In me—memories, they come to me,
Memories they fade in me, I miss you
There, I missed you back then, thin
Air sinking me in—I waited, now
Waited no more for you to stay with
Me—family has taken over, love has
Won me over, looking back feels like
A curse, like a purse of empty change
And change is what has happened,
Never did I ever think I would leave
This place, this place of seeking,
Seeking new memories, for over
And over again, you sat on the couch
Again, ripped and torn and furniture
To a new signature, you signed and
Sat there waiting for change, waiting
For a rearrange, waiting for us to

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