The Science

The Science
Fighting gravity
And the broken parts of me
Wish me a new mind
In due time I seek the
Science of you—how you
Bend time and creation
In every situation

The stone away
I will roll the stone away
I will take you out of the
Grave, I will try to save the
Rythme of this speech
I speak to you, right to you

I am lost in me God
Found in this world,
Serpent speaks,
Serpent peaks and
Pries and asks why not
Eat this, why not be this,
Off the mountain I cannot cast
For up on it is where you are,
High and far above me
A thousand deaths
A thousand years
Terrorist where are you,
Bearded dreams, smeared
Eyes of the unseen, oil alibi
Sinking in you again and again—
Let us see the dawn,
The early part of day
Where you can have your
Way inside of us

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