Looking Back

Streams of memories
Yesterday has passed
And its form is fading at
Last, decade in the past,
Decade of love at last,
Called me then, accepted
Me then, call me again into
This lovely place—home life
Calls to me, it was bent and
Broken and a mild tragedy,
Regret sneaks in day to day,
Am I a man today, one that
Gives way to truth and love
And mercy, or do I just fold
Up this swing set and put
Away the child in me,
Sandbox I have always
Stayed, for your thoughts
Number passed those things,
Kansas called me, set me,
Trained me, I was an orphan,
I was the testimony, I paid
My alimony, I had little support,
The adoption took a hold of me,
She held me up above the city
And the she was to train and
Teach and preach it in me:
A man bows down, a man
Hands down loves more than
Himself, now I see, this city
Below me—I am where I
Belong because I belong
Wherever you are—so
Move me again, ten years
Again, love again, mercy again,
This is where I am and where
You exist!

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