Phrases And Phases

Just a few
I wait on you,
Please renew,
Please change,
Please rearrange,
What is a man but just
A phrase? What is just me,
What is a phase that won’t
Ever fade away,

He took it,
He was it,
He took those hits,
Now I am a misfit,
I am unfit for the nails,
Demons don’t break what
Is already broken, the pain
Has spoken, despair repairs
Me, just a phase, just a phrase,
One died for all, and all are
Phrases to be changed,

Islands shift, monsters live in
The drains under me, living water
Flows a rearrange, boys around
Me, are we taking the hits or
Did she make me do it, eat the
Apple? Now I die, now I lie,
The phrase of sin has lost
Its wind, the phase of manhood
Is kicking in,

I will face you, I will know you,
I will be the phrase of a man
That burns for you,
The phase of child is over,
The phase of boyish is
A death to die,

Just a phrase saves me,
Just your phrases wash me,
Tragedy is a choice, broken
Earth beneath me, Christ
To meet me, going through
Is the only way to get to you,

Be my phrase, end the phase of
Childish, of selfish, man to
Become, Christ is the phrase
That saves

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