Need an eraser
My heart to beat faster
A controlled disaster
A crashing down
A fall apart, a new heart,
Time to set apart,
A love to depart and
It hits me again,
That Kansas City wind,
Cold and bold and no
Mountains to hide behind,
Am I embracing, am I
Erasing the memories of
You from me, just a look,
Just a glance, just this small
Romance, looking for you in
The crowds, trying to hear
Your voice real loud—now
I am near you, I can hear
You, phrases from you
Are phases in me, will
It pass, will it last, will
Your hand be on the
Latch and patch me up,
Speak to me up, tear my
Down and make me tough—
Love changes everything, so
Please don’t erase what I
Have loved and let in—
Change within, a fire again—
I refuse to be erased!

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