Single FIle/Kanas City

Single file man lives
Traffic gives it to me,
Life is a tragedy,
A 9 to 5 memory,
Faded and jaded by
The world’s broken
Equation, plus and minus
Is the litmus, I give and I
Get, barren is a loud siren
Blaring at me, silence finds
Me silent again waiting, waiting
For redemption, Kansas City held
Me, held me up, made me grow,
Made me grow up, now you
Wait, now you wait for the crack
To get covered for the crevice to
Fill itself in—sin has broken me,
Demons have not filled me, they
Have agreed with the tragedy,
They cannot turn back and worship
Again—after dark, after night, they
Cannot get it right—but just man,
Just me, just skin and bones can
Make new, can receive mercy, can
Be shown good things

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