Seeds have been sown,
I am fully grown,
Low on oil,
Hard soil,
The rocks cry out and
Fall on this path, pain on
Every side, a child lives in the
Shell of this man, neglected is
The selected boy in me,

Rejected was the image of
Poverty I carried with me,
Lord of scarcity, man of clarity I
Now live—nothing of painful memories
Stays with me, a war goes on,
I need the eschaton, my earth
Is cracked, my rotation is whack,
Axes the spin, access it wins,
Mercy paves me while sin

Betrays me, seeds fully sown,
Man I am fully grown, little I feel,
Is death real, or just a shadow?
Passing through this cracked frame
Is the name of love, a child only until
I meet the man, the man Christ Jesus,

Fully grown He is, fully for me He lives,
Fully sown into me, first fruits boasts a
New vine around me, eternal connection,
Eternal rejection spared from—connect me
To you, soil me new, I need you, poverty keeps
Me lonely—grown men can cry a child’s river—
Man I will stay when your love has its way,
You never change, so please let me change
Into you

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