Can’t Give It

Pain is a name I carry,
Easy I bury,
A grave to save me,
Death did not hold you,
Death did not define you,
You took it, you were the greatest

Example of the man I want to be,
Chalk on the pavement, beveled
Outline of me, dead I would be more
If I knew you more, a deep work, a deep
Spirit, a deep conversion, an under water
Submersion, with you I live again, I revive within,
Lonely no one admits, is the path of regret and

Living where you do not live, in a time that can’t
Give you back the time you wasted, for He must
Give what I did not get from those who were
To broken to give it—do I still break, still bleed,
Still recede back my memories to age five, to

Age alone, to the ages of fear in the home—
For now I am a soldier, now I am older, now I
War upon the war done to me—now I forgive,
Now I release, now I choose deep and wide,
Your home life God is not mine, is not me,
Is not that bad parenting that took a part of me,
And a part of my generation—change us Lord,
For the past is over and you are ready for
A new thing

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