The In Between

Summer 2012 was by far the best summer of Awakening Teen Camp but was also a hard summer of transition. As Zack stepped down from ATC. I look back at how hard that became in the months to follow but how all the memories of that summer fill me with gratitude for the presence of God. God is good and faithful to lead us to where we belong!

Endless Summer
Endless memories, endless
Good-byes, endless was not
The ending, a decade under the
Influence, Spirit, oil, water, Abba
Father! echoed in me, Daddy are
You near, do You hear, or are you
Not here? Changes stayed the same,
Red eyes to claim, loss of sleep, ash
Heap of past memories, pancake nights,
Battered and chattered it seemed, but
Deep change was making an exchange,
Thoughts of you, thoughts of fireflies
In the night, chalked it out like dead
On the pavement, a beveled memory
Sketches me,

One look of you kept me
Pressing renew, redo, under the night
Sky you stood bright, you stood in the
Deep recesses of me, and recess it was
Trying to be around you, sand it seemed
Slipped in between, dark knight rose and
You didn’t rise with me, the cops chased
The cape and there was still an ache,
It left me numb, it left me in violence,
For it only comes to the unsure man
In me—now, its gone, that endless
Summer, that endless wonder,

East coast to claim your name, kids with your last name,
Both the friends, both the foes, both the endless
Throes of the in between has changed my unseen,
Satisfy me, I still say and yell and do real well,
But broken is me, broken is this memory—change
Has ruled me and changing remains a mystery,
To be like you God, to know you, to remember
Everyone you ever tried to love—now I see, Lord,
The salt that calls my name, the waves that claim
My terrain, your signature is needed for this
Dream that’s been receded—keep me in the
In between, the dreams, the ideals, the truth
To choose with nothing to lose, I dream it
But you make it real and I choose you,
I choose renew, I choose to stay right
Where you have me

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