City Life

City life calls my name,
City lights spell it plain,
Do I love the name, the
Name above all other names?
City of black, city of lack, city
Of self paints bright for me,
On and on I go, walking to and
Fro, in the valley I live, but on
The mountain top I hear your
Voice, I hear the commandments,
I hear the thundering and the
Lightning shine bright in me,
I will do all that you command
By my right hand, by my
Sustaining power—sunrise
Comes, sunset goes—do I love
Mercy, do justly, walk with
Justice and righteousness
Upon my lips—in wrath God,
You remember mercy, will
You remember me? For the city
Claims thousands daily and
Millions yearly—you are in
The city, you are mercy and
We are thirsty!

Come with all the city brings,
Into the city you rode with
Palm branches on the road,
They accepted, they rejoiced,
They scourged at the first
Choice—I choose to not
Again wound you, for your
Wounding will be remembered
Forever—city life now remains,
A city of gold to bring—wealth,
And health I put on the shelf,
I choose pain now for in it
You resurrect—find me God,
Find me in the city

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