Revisit With Me

Inviting the Lord into the deepest and darkest places of me. The deeper we go the farther we really will go.

Been dreaming all my life
Of a life of safety, of a life
Of priority me, on the couch
They never did live, waiting
And wishing for my return,
Prodigal living is the part
I never want to revisit that
Wasteful part of me, walking
On pavement, there was
Eternal payment, I now skip
Through this town with a crown
To die to, a river to swim to,
Channels of those past dreams
Revisit inside of me—am I a man
That loves, that gives, that has
Mercy in me? Destiny chases me,
Kansas City living was eternal giving
To the inside of me, someone to sit
With, someone to revisit with,
Someone better than no one?
You had it in you to be the
Renew, to be the beauty I
Did ever see, those times
Of drive byes and drive
Through dreams, backseat
They all did sit, for driving
Was never my strength—
They all complained of
The flat plain and windy
Nights—but you did revisit
It with me—sitting is so hard
These days for I have to much
To revisit—help now, help this
Mind, this time, this life of
Intercession, for I need a
Gap to cry out for and there
Are many gaps and aches
Inside of me—satisfy me,
Lord, revisit it with me,
The parts that need fixing,
For I know that difficulty is
Your specialty and nearness
You long to never miss—
Be near, revisit with me—
You are what I am missing

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