The Overflow means there is to much to talk about..

I re-posted a last update in this past week but since the time that, that was written, so much has taken place.

When I was in the third grade(9years old, 1994), I filled out a pink piece of paper that said “I am Unique!” And it had a spot for: what do you want to do when you grow up? And without even thinking to much I said: I want to be a writer.

That desire has stuck with me ever since. The title of this blog(for all the new followers) came from my high school years(2001 to 2004). In that time I was enamored with my friends. We all grew up in church together(at Resurrection Fellowship). We got in trouble together(called Ruckusing) and we experienced God together(serving at our youth group, Generation Christ). That journal was preserved til about 2007 and( a whole other story for another time) it got tossed into the fire and burned away. This blog is keeping the title alive but much has changed. I have in the past called it God’s Ruckus. God’s Ruckus just means that God has something to say. His Gospel through His Son Jesus Christ makes a lot of noise. The challenge is that both Christians and the unsaved are not always listening to God’s Ruckus. It is my job, as a messenger, to make a Ruckus(a great noise and great disturbance). The Fear of the Lord is beyond just a one time camp experience. I seek to live in it and let that fear drive me to stay hungry and alive before the Lord.

For the past 13 years(since the writing of the Ruckus Journal) I have been on an amazing journey filled with much difficulty, confusion and hardship. Would I want it another way? No, I would not. Having a life with problems creates in us a depth in trusting the Lord to lead us more, to love us more, and in turn teaches us to love others more. Trials and tribulations create love in the deepest places. When I say overflow, I mean it. Since we turned the page to another year(now 2014) I have been letting myself go deep and I have been intentional about using time wisely. It is advised in Ephesians to ‘redeem the time,’ and Paul says it because ‘the days are evil!’ This is not a time to be passive. This is not a time to do nothing and this is not a time to be ‘childish’ and not grow up. It has been very clear to me that there is a lack and shortage of men. Thank you Promise Keepers for rallying the troops but does it seem like more women than men go hard after God? Are they present in church? And, most importantly, present in the family?

God has designed it for the man to take the hits, to lead, to be the initiator. Eve took the bite, but Adam gave stood silent as he watched her take the bite. When he answered the Lord, he said(paraphrase)..’this women you gave me!’ Excuses, denial,fear and shame all took a hold of the man. We know from Romans that the first Adam brought death and he took the blame. And now, in 2014, in America, we are given a daily choice as men. Will be model our lives after Jesus. Will be be men of God that pursue love and earnestly grow up? To man up? To answer God(..thanks Job). Yes, men everywhere are going for the Lord. I am not saying that men in general suck and need to get it together but I am saying that I desire for some crusade numbers. I desire to see large amounts changing things because God has designed the man to be the head. The head of women. The head of family. Leaders of the earth.

If the men get right with God then godly children follow. Healthy marriages follow. Culture turns to the man for wisdom and insight and revelation. Hollywood turns to the man and strips him of righteousness. The wickedness sets in and James Bond is the new male? The womanizer and the one that denies responsibility becomes the new image of the man. We must declare war on that image. Pornography starts with the man. We mostly think porn ruins the women. And it does. It reveals much to little of women, as that Pope guy says. But sexual sin and perversion can be fixed if the man chooses to lead women down a pure and Holy path. The control and the power that God has placed in the man is really that powerful. The women will not be objectified, or devalued and degraded, if the man chooses not to do that to her. Lord, help us!

The many poems I have been writing and these updates will most likely continue for a long time. I am not making any commitments to writing on..a million much to talk about.

What I am seeking is a whole heart, a difficult life but a life that rejoices in its hardships, so that I may love Him better. Loving yourself is the key to loving others. More on that to come.

Thanks to the new followers for this blog. Keep reading. Keep finding a new Ruckus in God. It is much better to face your brokenness, than to live as if you have none.

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